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Hound Association

The Humberside Hound Association is committed to the promotion of Kennel Club Registered Hound Breeds. All these breeds are scheduled at our shows. The Annual 'Teach-In' further promotes these breeds with Seminars to teach Judges and Exhibitors the finer points of each breed.
Young people are also encouraged to participate in the exhibition of the hounds. They are very welcome to assist in the organisation and running of our shows and events.

November Open 2017

Judges Teach In

Next Teachin on 10th May 2017
Irish Wolfhound
Norwegian Elkhound
Black & tan Coonhound

The Ferrybridge Community Centre


Read What the speakers said 2016

All KC recognised hound breeds and Import Register classes are scheduled at our shows.

"The committee of the Humberside Hound Association would like to thank those Photographers, breed clubs, members and exhibitors who contributed to the Hound Gallery."